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Cool Dog Beverage Kicks Off In Australia at MICE 2018

22nd - 24th March at the Melbourne Showgrounds - Come on by and meet Emma and Frank, they would love you to try a Nitro Coffee from one of our machines!

Don't Buy A "Claytons" Nitro Coffee Machine

What is a Claytons Nitro Coffee Machine?

Unashamedly casting a retro throwback to the famous Australian advertisement, a Claytons Nitro Coffee Machine is a 'Nitro Machine you get when you are not having a Nitro Machine'. It might look good on the outside, but the taste may be VERY ordinary.  Many nitro machines on the market utilise just the pressure of the Nitrogen to infuse the cold brew.  Don't waste your hard earned money on those  sad little puppies. Some may be more advanced using a pumping system, but the equipment may be incorrectly  engineered and not  'spec'd' right for the finely tuned nuances required for a Nitro coffee application. They may also have a underpowered chilling system and a noisy diaphragm pump or quite possibly no pump at all!  We at Cool Dog Beverage Equipment have developed machines that make a great tasting Nitro Coffee using the highest quality internal components. We think that once you taste a Nitro coffee from one of our machines you will be hooked.

Take the Taste Test

At the time of writing we are exhibiting at MICE 2018 and offering free Nitro samples. We strongly encourage our customers to sample the Nitro Coffee from our competitors machines and then try ours. We think you will much prefer ours. Take the taste test and let Emma or Frank know what you think!

Emma Delicately Pouring a Beautiful Nitro Coffee

MICE 2018 - Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition Melbourne Showgrounds

Some Have one, we have two, but our two is actually four

Left Tap


Most Commercial Nitro Coffee Dispensers have one tap, ours have two, but they are practically four. Our CDBE2-CB/NC Counter Top nitro dispenser has four modes. Left tap will give you beautifully infused nitro coffee. Press a little red button as you dispense and it will hold back the nitrogen and give you a delicious tasting chilled cold brew. One machine four modes, you decide.

Right Tap

Nitro beverages are a new phenomena. There is a lot of experimentation going on so we want to give you the choice for your customers to experience whatever you think they might enjoy most. Many people in local pacific and south east asian countries are experimenting with Nitro infused teas, green, red, peppermint, chamomile, you name it. One of the advantages of Nitro Tea is that it does not require to be kept cool to avoid fermentation like cold brew coffee does. Cafe and Restaurant owners are very astute at knowing what their customers enjoy and will pay for. Our Nitro Coffee/Tea dispenser lets you decide, chilled, warm, flat or nitrogenated, diverse tea choices. You decide. 

Use A Nitrogen Tank Or Not, You Decide

 Our CDBE2-CB/NC Counter Top nitro dispenser has the ability to take nitrogen from the atmosphere, or from a Nitrogen tank. Using 100% food grade nitrogen will give a better head and nicer taste, but it is good to have both options. If you prefer to use 100% nitrogen and the tank runs out you still have the option to easily switch the machine over to taking it from the atmosphere.

Adjustable Flow Control

Most Nitro dispensers do not have the ability to have adjustments made to the flow of nitro from the tap. Our countertop unit has small valves on the tap to enable easy adjustment on the go. 

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